Reflex Supplements

They’re Proudly Cochrane

Who They Are & What They Do

Reflex Supplements is dedicated to selling top-quality sports, weight loss and general health supplements. They strive for results, aim to educate, and direct people to the supplements that fit their fitness goals. Supplement stores can be overwhelming and confusing; their clean, warm, inviting atmosphere allows customers to take their time and ask questions. This family-run business is most proud of the atmosphere they’ve created, the products they supply and the way they educate and help people.

Our top priority is offering the best prices, products and service so that people stay local.

Why Cochrane?

Reflex Supplements gives customers a different supplement store experience, one you can’t get in a bigger location. They know people will shop local if they can get the best prices and products. They want to be part of every customer’s team, helping them get the knowledge they need to reach their fitness goals! Results matter!