Miss Mozart Inc.

Miss Mozart

Miss Mozart

They’re Proudly Cochrane

Who They Are & What They Do

Miss Mozart provides music lessons in your home and out of Spay Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre studio. They also rent and sell instruments. Miss Mozart Inc. has been in business for over four years and has grown their music lesson/instrument division over 10% each year. They began running glee clubs in 2014 and has grown that division by 900% in the year and a half it has been running. All our teachers are skilled, trained, screened and fun!

Cochrane is a fun place to try new things with a very receptive clientele. We have been embraced by the community and hope to continue to get children and families musically educated locally, participate in as many local events as we can, raise awareness of the importance of quality music education in Cochrane and area and continue to add to local musicians and people interested in the arts to their staff.

Why Cochrane?

Miss Mozart loves being musically involved in the community. Being a local business, we save families time by having the teacher and materials delivered to their homes to help them be successful with their lessons. They are also very proud of the quality of teachers that are from Cochrane and have decided to join their team.