Spray Lakes Sawmills

Spray Lake Sawmills

Spray Lake Sawmills

They Make it Here

Who They Are & What They Do

Spray Lake Sawmills is an integrated facility which utilizes 100% of the tree stems. They produce dimensional lumber for housing and construction, as well agricultural fence posts, treated lumber for decking and fence boards and supply chips for pulp and paper, sawdust for livestock bedding, bark and processed fiber for landscaping applications.

At Spray Lake Sawmills, we are committed to 100% utilization of the wood fibre that we harvest. This commitment makes both environmental and economic sense. Thanks to innovative products like our Top Spray bark mulch, we have been able to turn what was once considered waste into a useful product that is environmentally friendly.

Why Cochrane?

Spray Lake Sawmills has been locally owned and operated for 72 years, serving customers and renewing our forests. Their products are grown and manufactured locally by Albertans and sold primarily to customers in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Spray Lake Sawmills is proud to employ, directly and indirectly, over 300 individuals from Cochrane and the surrounding area.