Real Treat

Real Treat

They Make it Here

Who They Are & What They Do

Real Treat makes unapologetically delicious cookies. What makes them unapologetic? We are serious about ingredients, and we don’t compromise when it comes to flavour or ethics. Every cookie is built on the foundation that gives any excellent cookie its “Yum!” factor: Real food. Where do the ethics come in? Our products are certified organic and we use only fairly traded ingredients.

My favourite part about this business is creating our treats. Taking inspiration from fond memories, places travelled, and pure fantasy, playing with flavours and textures, telling a story with every cookie.

Why Cochrane?

Great air and a beautiful view make for a pretty nice office. Making cookies isn’t all serious business — we have a lot to smile about. We make our cookies by hand, in small batches, in view of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Cochrane, Alberta.