MacKay’s Ice Cream


They Make it Here

Who They Are & What They Do

MacKay’s Ice Cream began as a Red & White grocery store. When Hwy 1A through Cochrane was rerouted from Main Street to its current location, a unique product was needed to bring people downtown again. A friend of Jimmy MacKay’s suggested soft serve ice cream. Over the years, groceries disappeared from the store to make way for more flavours of hard ice cream. Now operated by the third generation of the MacKay clan, MacKay’s continues to draw people from near and far to enjoy its 18% milkfat super premium treat!

From production to pleasure, our philosophy is rooted in ensuring quality. The Albertan small town, entrepreneurial spirit meets superior local and global ingredients to make world renowned ice cream.

Why Cochrane?

Passionate family commitment and a delicious recipe have paired to make Mackay’s ice cream a great tradition for over 65 years. Deep-rooted in its geography, Mackay’s ice cream is made in Cochrane with 100% Canadian high butterfat cream.