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Who They Are & What They Do

Café Roubaix Bicycle Studio operates as a retail bicycle shop, but also builds and exports their own brand of performance bicycle wheels built to order right in their shop. Their customers include Canadian national cycling team members, national and international level triathletes, dedicated weekend warriors, and everyday road bike riders. They serve customers from thousands of kilometers away, to right around the corner, to meet their demands as a cyclist. Clients experience cycling at a whole new level. Our philosophy is steeped in the passions and traditions of the sport of road cycling — a passion they want to pass on to their clients.

We want every client of Café Roubaix to roll away experiencing the same level of service and attention that every European professional demands from team mechanics, coaches, and equipment providers. From the high quality bicycles and parts that Café Roubaix offers, each bike is specifically built to each client’s needs and demands. While we have complete bicycles in our showroom, each bicycle has unique specifications, ride qualities, and professional fit to complement the client’s riding style, goals, and abilities.

Why Cochrane?

Café Roubaix started as a small town bicycle repair business running out of a garage. Our current location on the second floor on the historic main street of Cochrane, Alberta, provides an boutique professional atmosphere, where the client, whether wide-eyed beginner or demanding competitive racer, is catered to as they were a veteran of the pro peloton. The location provides a casual professional environment that caters to the cyclist looking for a customized, one-on-one experience.