Staying inside to protect yourself and the community during COVID-19 is making some Cochranites miss the local scenery. That’s why the Town is working on a new resource to help you see our rolling hills and nearby mountains anytime.

Watch Local is a new page on with info and links to TV shows, movies and more that were all filmed in and around Cochrane.

Natalie Germann, the Town’s Community Event Administrator, is gathering the information. “I reached out to filmmakers who recently worked in our area to get some ideas,” she says. “They love working here and loved the idea of sharing their favourites with the community.”

At the moment, the page has five entries, but it’s being updated regularly with more shows, movies and even music videos. There’s also a link to make a suggestion for anyone who has a favourite to share.

We may not be able to get out much in person, but seeing the Big Hill or the old bridge on screen might help us all feel a little more connected.


Corral (1954) was filmed in the Cochrane Ranche  and other nearby sites.
Togo (2019) was filmed in the Cochrane area.