I have never been prouder to be from Cochrane. As a resident for 23 years, I already knew about the fantastic downtown businesses and restaurants, the culture and events — the overall community spirit!

Then in March of this year, the COVID-19 pandemic kept Cochranites in their homes and in their neighbourhoods. From my doorstep in Bow Ridge, I watched my neighbours help one another.

Kevin fixed Holly’s screen door and fertilized her lawn.

Jim built a closet cabinet for his neighbour across the street who has two small children.

Seventeen-year-old Will did grocery shopping for neighbours from their texted lists and delivered to their doorsteps.

Sue and Gary left everyone a toilet paper gift on their porch with a card that said, “Need Help?”

For over 15 years I have worked for the Town of Cochrane, currently as a Community Liaison and Programmer for the Neighbourhood Inclusion team at Cochrane FCSS. I am lucky to get to help community associations, new resident and newcomers’ groups in Cochrane to help build, sustain and develop community capacity.

These groups are the heart of our community — they believe it their individual contributions benefit the whole. Here are some of the ways they’re making their neighbourhoods better:

  • Several communities asked neighbours to help with organizing food drives to celebrate Great Neighbours Week.
  • Heritage Hills neighbours created garden boxes for their community garden (pictured).
  • McKinnon (pictured) helped gather these generous food bank donations in Glen Eagles.

The Cochrane FCSS Neighbourhood Inclusion team is helping everyone celebrate Great Neighbours Week with activities and supplies.

  • Cochrane FCSS Community Programmers Brianne Sachdev and Kathleen Dennis are delivering Stay & Play kits in the Community Connector (pictured).

Stay & Play kits are designed for children and families to connect and simplify at-home activities. The kits take the guesswork out of planning fun and engaging activities for everyone. Supplies for crafts and games, as well as instructions are included and delivered right to your doorstep! Sign up for your free kit (one per family):

Virtual campfire

Tune in Thursday for a virtual campfire in your ‘hood This is a great chance to get the family together to sing campfire songs, do a craft and make some special s’mores. Check for the campfire supply list. (S’more recipe book available Friday!)

Facebook Live (facebook/CochraneProgramsActivitiesOpportunities): June 18, 7:30pm

The rest of the week:
  • Enter to win contests hosted by Cochrane FCSS, Sunset Ridge Residents Association.
  • Bow Meadows Meet & Greet
  • Get outside and safely Party-in-the-Front to celebrate and thank all of your great neighbours!

Full schedule:

Deb Maxwell is a Community Liaison & Programmer for Cochrane FCSS and a proud Cochrane resident.

Community garden in Heritage Hills.
McKinnon surrounded by a van load of generous donations.
Cochrane FCSS Community Programmers Brianne Sachdev and Kathleen Dennis delivering Stay & Play kits in the Community Connector.
Kala’s face lights up as she opens her Summer Stay & Play kit!