Cochrane Does it’s Part For Earth Day

The first ever Cochrane Clean Up was a success.

Collecting over 136 bags of garbage plus loose trash from 12 areas in Cochrane, co-organizers Tim Giese, Andrew Watson, and Marni Fedeyko were pleased with results of the first ever Cochrane Wide Clean Up.

Twenty volunteers manned stations, town councillors, town senior staff, community associations, and a couple hundred volunteers set out to pick up litter across Cochrane.

Town councillor Tara McFadden who manned the East End station said pitching in to help clean up Cochrane is important in many ways.

“It is a great community event. And as much as it is great to get out and celebrate the importance of Earth Day and the importance of looking around the world around us; it is also great to get out with the community and connect in looking after our town together.”

Councillors McFadden, Gaynor Levisky, Morgan Nagel, Ross Watson, and Mary Lou Davis-Eckmeier all took part in the event to pitch in and help out.

Jess, an 8 year old girl at the East End station, was also busy helping pick-up litter and she commented on the reason she pitched in.

“It helps the earth; and if it gets into the ocean and the fish eat it, and we eat the fish who had the garbage, then we can get sick.”

The next Cochrane Wide Clean Up will be held in October as co-organizers will host a pick up in both spring and fall.

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