Aeron E. King Goldsmith



They Make it Here

Who They Are & What They Do

Aeron E. King, Goldsmith is a custom-design jewellery store located in historic downtown Cochrane. All their work starts with an idea and ends in a remarkable and unique piece of jewellery using a combination of old-world handmade techniques as well as hand-carved wax and “lost wax” casting. Each piece of jewellery is unique. All their work is done in-house: repairs, appraisals and custom designs. They work with platinum, gold and silver and offer access to the finest diamonds and coloured stones from around the world.

We pride ourselves in what we love to do most — making our clients happy. Whether we are designing matching wedding bands, matching an existing piece, making something new again, repairing a clasp, appraising jewellery or changing a watch battery, everything is done with care and attention.