Cochrane has Arts

There’s no doubt ‘Cochrane has Arts’ and the Cochrane Arts Guide demonstrates just how much is available in the area.

The newly released Cochrane Arts Guide of the Arts and Culture Foundation Cochrane (ACFC) offers an extensive directory of art pursuits of any nature in the Cochrane area and will help to direct you to their locales.

The 10-panel guide, designed courtesy of Sue Penry, includes an extensive listing of artists, businesses, clubs plus points of interests and events. There’s also a map pinpointing some of their locations. Like the ACFC itself, the guide is all inclusive of visual and performing arts and confirms their mission to enhance the appreciation and knowledge of the arts in the community.

ACFC president Colleen McCrea said 10,000 copies were printed and they anticipate it will have a two-year shelf life. They hope to expand upon it in the next edition, possible into a book.

ACFC touched based with many people in the arts community while doing footwork for the guide and it tied in well with a membership drive. There are now more than 70 members in ACFC. Memberships are available for businesses, organizations/clubs, individuals, families and youth (under 18 years old). Youth memberships are free to help encourage their involvement in the arts.

The guide is just one of the latest pursuits of the reinvigorated organization and much of it will unfold in the year future.

But McCrea did provide one hint. “Watch for Cochrane Has Arts on July 1.”

Look for the guide in countertop displays in local shops, banks and restaurants and businesses and businesses.

More information on the ACFC can be found at and on their Facebook page Arts and Culture Foundation of Cochrane.

Chance to win tickets to

Canada Day Family Concert

You have a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Canada Day Family Concert by showing where you picked up your copy of the Cochrane Arts Guide.

Entering is simple… and fun.

Take a photograph of where you picked up your copy of the guide and post it on the Facebook page Arts and Culture Foundation of Cochrane and you’ll automatically be entered.

“You can take a ‘selfie’ or even just a photo of the guide on a store counter, whatever you wish,” explained ACFC president Colleen McCrae.

Check out the organization’s Facebook page for updates.

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